Last Updated: September 23rd, 2020

Terms & Conditions

Please review the following terms and conditions that govern the services we provide.

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General Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

The following General Terms & Conditions have been written in good old plain english without any legal jargon. We want to be transparent and upfront with our customers. If you have any questions or would like clarification with regards to anything contained herein, please contact us by phone 1-888-552-0331 or email

We reserve the right to modify these Terms & Conditions anytime without prior written notice. Any changes will take effect 30 days from the date the updated Terms & Conditions were published.

Business Hours

If any Terms & Conditions are related to business hours, such hours are defined as Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm. EST excluding holidays.

Term of service

All services require a minimum three (3) month term unless otherwise stated in the Terms & Conditions of a specific service. At the end of your initial three month term, service will automatically and continually renew for an additional three month term until cancelled.

Cancellation of service

You may cancel our services any time by sending a cancellation request by email to We require thirty (30) days advance notice for all cancellations. If your cancellation request is received within thirty (30) days of your term renewal, your term will renew for one final three (3) month term, after which time, services and billing will stop, provided all services are paid for in full.

Billing & Payment

Payment for all services is due on the 1st or 15th day of each month (you can decide which day you would prefer to be billed) and will automatically recur each month. You will receive an invoice and receipt of payment by email.

If you decide to start your service prior to your initial billing date, you will be charged a pro-rated amount for the difference, based on 30.4 days per month.

Accepted payment methods include Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Your payment information will be kept on file for billing purposes. It is your responsibility to maintain accurate and up to date billing information.


All sales are final and no refunds will be issued. Should you decide to cancel our services we will continue to fulfill our services for the remainder of your term.


Providing our customers with the highest level of support, within the scope of our services, is our top priority. We are available by phone, email, and video conference Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST excluding holidays. While we're happy to discuss your requirements over the phone, all service requests must be submitted by email so that we have a record of the request. We aim to respond to all service requests within 24 business hours.

No Guarantees

While we stand behind our services 100% and put forth best efforts, we make no guarantees as to the results you will achieve using our services as there are many factors beyond our control.


By using our services you acknowledge and agree that you will not hold us or any other person or company associated with our services liable for anything for any reason at any time. You understand that our services are provided in three (3) month terms and if you are not happy you can cancel our services.

Ownership of assets, accounts & data

In order to provide our services without requiring a 12 month commitment, we will retain ownership of all assets, accounts and associated data, provided by us to you, until the end of your twelfth (12th) month as a paying customer, at which time ownership of all assets, accounts, and data will be transferred to you, provided your account with us is in good financial standing and you do not owe us any money.

Should you cancel our services prior to your twelfth (12th) consecutive month as a paying customer, you can acquire the rights to the assets, accounts, and data by making a payment equal to twelve (12) months of service minus the months you've already paid. For example - If you canceled our services after six (6) months, you can pay the remaining six (6) months of service. Upon receipt of payment we will transfer ownership of all assets, accounts, and data to you.

Should you cancel our service prior to your twelfth (12th) consecutive month as a paying customer, and you do not wish to acquire the rights to the assets, accounts, and data, we will stop service at the end of your term and the ownership of assets, accounts, and data will remain ours and can be reused or repurposed at our discretion.

For the purpose of clarification, assets, accounts, and data include but are not limited to copywriting, photos, videos, graphics, websites, website hosting, online advertising accounts, email marketing accounts, social media accounts, and analytics accounts.

If you provide us with access to any of your existing assets, accounts, and data; ownership of such assets, accounts, and data will remain yours, even upon cancellation of service.

Market Exclusivity

We will not provide managed marketing services to any other plumbing companies within your market(s) for the duration you are a paying customer. For clarity and transparency, market exclusivity applies to managed marketing services and does not include training services we may offer from time to time. Due to the nature of how markets are defined and how digital marketing works, you acknowledge some marketing tactics may overlap market boundaries. An example is Google Ads appearing in your market, from a competitor in a market that boarders your market. While we will not proactively target ads from one market to another, Google’s algorithm may display ads across market boundaries. Further, we reserve the right to continue to market our services in all markets.

Use of company name, logo & data

By using our services you grant us permission to use your company name and logo in perpetuity for the purpose of identifying your business as a current or past customer of ours. Further, you grant us permission to publish results based on your data and the work we have done on your behalf, such as the percent increase or decrease of a specific metric and the related timeframe. For example: 50% increase in Google Ads Conversions, Q1 2020 vs. Q1 2019. We will NOT publish specific metrics associated with your name from your account without your prior written permission.

Individual Service Terms & Conditions

In addition to our General Terms and Conditions, the following Terms & Conditions apply to the individual services we offer. Should any of the service Terms & Conditions contradict our General Terms & Conditions, the service Terms & Conditions shall have precedence.

Website Terms & Conditions

Custom designed website

We will design and develop a custom website for you based on our proven website framework. Your website will be designed to reflect your brand and optimized to convert website visitors into leads. 

Web Pages

Your website will include both static web pages and dynamic (data base driven) web pages. Your website can include up to one-hundred (100) static web pages and thousands (1,000’s) of dynamic web pages. Your website may include and is not limited to the following web pages: home, service categories, services, service areas, promotions, announcements, testimonials, project categories, projects, about, and contact. Depending on the marketing plan you have selected, your website may also include these dynamic pages: audiences, documents, articles, faq’s, brands, associations, and careers. The initial design of your website will include up to twenty (20) custom designed web pages. Additional custom web page designs can be added each month using your allotted maintenance and update hours.

Mobile & conversion optimized

Your website will be optimized to work on desktops, tablets, and Smartphones, using a responsive approach to mobile optimization.

On-Site SEO development

Your website will be optimized for search engines following SEO best practices. On-site SEO includes website SSL security, site hierarchy, navigation, page urls, titles and descriptions, heading tags (H1 - H6), content keywords, image Alt text, internal links, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, site index page, mobile optimization, and fast hosting.

Website content (copy & media)

We will work with you to develop all the content for your website. Content includes both copywriting and media (graphics, photos, videos). Copywriting includes up to 1,000 words per web page dependent on the type of web page. You may provide us with any media you would like included on your website provided such media is in the appropriate format and you hold the copyright or have permission to use such media. Any media not provided to us will be obtained through professional stock sources. All media will be optimized for distribution online including file sizes and file names. Unless noted elsewhere in these terms and conditions the initial media included for the website will be limited to up to 100 graphics and/or photos, and 2 videos. Additional media may be added each month using your allotted maintenance and update hours. Optionally we can provide additional website content at our hourly rate.

Content Management System (CMS)

Our websites includes a content management system so you can make content updates to your website yourself if you so choose. At your request we will provide you and any members of your team with up to two (2) one (1) hour CMS training sessions via online video conference, to teach you how to use your CMS so you can update your website content.

Website hosting

Our service includes website hosting via Webflow. Website hosting is paid for on an annual basis. Should you cancel our services you will be charged a pro-rated amount equal to the remaining days left on your annual website hosting plan including any applicable exchange rates and fees, and taxes. 

Domain name configuration

You will be responsible for configuring your domain name to work with your website, using the information we provide to you. We can assist you in this process, but our guidance may be limited dependent upon how your domain records are configured. In any case, your domain registrar should be able to provide any technical support that is required. If you do not have a domain name we can register one on your behalf and configure it for you.


You acknowledge and agree that we may put an accreditation notice at the bottom of your website with a link to one of our corporate websites such as or Such accreditation may say something similar to “Digital marketing by: Plumber Marketing”.

Google My Business (GMB) Terms & Conditions

Profile Setup

If you have not already claimed your GMB profile, we will assist you in this process. If you have already claimed your GMB profile, we will assist you in the process of providing us access.

Profile Info optimization

We will optimize your GMB Profile Info on your behalf. We’ll optimize the most relevant information for your business and industry. We will implement a call tracking number on your profile so that we can track all phone calls that originate from your GMB profile. We’ll review your info on a regular basis and make changes to improve your profile at our discretion.

GMB Photos

You will have to provide us with all photos you would like uploaded to your GMB profile. If you are not sure which photos should be uploaded, we can provide guidance. We will optimize and upload up to thirty (30) photos once per month. Optimization includes resizing and renaming.

GMB Posts

We’ll publish one post per week to your GMB profile. Each post may be up to 1,500 characters, and will include a relevant image and call-to-action button when appropriate. All posts are proofed for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Posts are not available for review prior to publishing. However, you will have the opportunity to review and approve all post topics.

GMB Reviews

We’ll provide guidance as to how you can solicit reviews for your Google profile. We’ll monitor reviews and notify you if reviews are not being responded to in a timely manner. At your request we can also help you craft responses to both positive and negative reviews.


We will monitor Q&A on your GMB listing and notify you if there are any questions that have not been responded to in a timely manner.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Terms & Conditions

Keyword selection & tracking

We will research, select, and track up to 30 relevant keywords based on the services you provide and the geographic location(s) you serve. These keywords will provide guidance for content development and help us track SEO performance over time. We use keyword tracking for internal purposes and do not report this data. However, we can provide you with keyword performance reports at your request.

On-Site SEO management

At the beginning of each month we will perform a Website audit to ensure your website is optimized for search engines. Any critical issues that are found will be corrected during the month, as part of your allotted maintenance and updates hours.

Citation management

We will create and monitor relevant citation listings for your business to help improve your visibility on search engines. Examples of citation sites include but are not limited to,,,,,, and If you have already claimed a citation listing that we recommend, we can optimize and manage the listing for you, provided you grant us access to said account.

Content development & marketing

We will develop and promote content relevant to your business. See Content Marketing below.

Content Development & Marketing Terms & Conditions

Documents (lead magnets)

Based on the marketing plan you have selected, we will customize and publish up to one (1) document (lead magnet) per year. Documents can be selected form our existing library of documents or custom developed. Custom developed documents are limited to approximately 20 pages. Documents will be customized to reflect your branding, and content will be customized to reflect the services you offer and the geographic markets you serve. We retain ownership and copyright of all documents. Documents are licensed for publishing on your website and for promotional purposes. Documents are yours to use in-perpetuity after twelve (12) months of continuous service. If you temporarily suspend or cancel our service prior to the twelfth month your publishing license will be terminated and you will no longer be permitted to use any documents that had been licensed to you.

Articles (blog posts)

Based on the marketing plan you have selected, we will produce and publish articles (blog posts) on your website each month. We will publish approximately two-thousand (+/-2,000) words per month. This may be in the form of one (1 ) long-form article approximately two-thousand (+/-2, 000) words or shorter articles such as two (2) one-thousand (+/- 1,000) word articles, or four (4) five-hundred (+/-500) word articles. The length of each article will be determined by us based on the topic, and the needs of your business. Each article will include a relevant and optimized stock image. Image optimization includes resizing the image for publishing online and the name of the image for SEO purposes. All documents are proofed for grammar, spelling and punctuation. At your request, you can review each article prior to it being published and can make up to one (1) round of revisions. If you do not request to review each article, they will be published according to the schedule we have set. Additional revisions can be made at our hourly rate.

Article & post distribution

In addition to articles being posted to your website, and GMB posts being published to your GMB profile, we can also publish your articles and GMB posts to any of the following social media channels - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You will have to provide us with access to each of your existing social media accounts. Each social media channel has publishing requirements. We will only post to a social media channel if the original article or post is within the requirements of each social media channel. Rewriting an article or post to meet the requirements of each channel is an option with our Custom marketing plan.

Website content

We will review your website content on a regular basis and make updates that we believe will improve your websites performance. This may include updating existing content or adding new content. All website content additions and updates will be made as part of your allotted monthly maintenance and update hours.

Email Marketing Terms & Conditions

Platform setup

If the marketing plan you have selected includes email marketing services, we will create and setup an email marketing account on your behalf. If you already have an email marketing account, we will evaluate if it can easily be integrated into our marketing platform. If it cannot, we can transfer your email contacts to our platform. The choice is yours.

List building

Based on the marketing plan you have selected, we will integrate the appropriate web forms on your website with your email marketing lists. As leads submit forms their information will be automatically added to your lists so you can re-engage them through email marketing in the future.

Contact Management

If you collect email addresses from leads and customers that call you, as opposed to submitting a web form, you can send them to us once per month in a compatible spreadsheet format and we will keep your mailing list up to date on your behalf. It is your responsibility to ensure you have permission from each contact, to contact them by email.

Branded email template

Based on the marketing plan you have selected, we will design a custom email template to reflect your brand. This email template can then be used for all email marketing campaigns.


Based on the marketing plan you have selected, your email marketing account includes 1,000 contacts. When you reach your account limit we will upgrade your plan the next tier to ensure your forms continue to function and you do not lose any leads. The prices below reflect the amount your monthly invoice would increase by:

  • 1000 contacts = Included with your plan
  • 2,500 contacts = $50 extra per month
  • 5,000 contacts = $70 extra per month
  • 10,000 contacts = $112.50 extra per month
  • 25,000 contacts = $180 extra per month
  • For more than 25,000 contacts, contact us for pricing

Should you wish to retain your email marketing account after cancelling our services, you will be responsible for paying all associated fees directly to the email marketing platform provider.

Custom fields

We’ll create custom fields for your email contacts so that you can capture and track contact information that is important to your business.

One-off campaigns

Based on the marketing plan you have selected, we will create and send up to one email campaign per month. If you require more than one per month we can provide you with a quote. 

Automated Campaigns

Based on the marketing plan you have selected we will create up to one (1) automated email marketing campaign per year. If you require more than one (1) in any given year we can provide you with a quote.

Lead Tracking & Reporting Terms & Conditions

Call tracking

Based on the marketing plan you have selected, we will provide you with up to 10 call tracking numbers and 1,000 call minutes per month. Additional call tracking numbers cost $5 each per month. Additional call minutes cost $0.10 per minute. Call minutes cannot be carried over from month-to-month. At our discretion we may audit your call minutes on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis and invoice you for any excess usage. By default call tracking will be setup to record calls. Consumers calling your business will hear a greeting such as “Thank you for calling YOUR BUSINESS NAME, this call may be recorded”. At your request we can turn this feature off.

Web form tracking

We will track all web form submissions through your website so you can track leads and measure your marketing performance. 

Chat tracking

If you use a supported chat service, we can track all chats generated through your website. This feature is not included by default. However, at your request we can implement it at no cost.

Lead notification

By default our lead tracking system will notify you in real time, via email, every time a new lead is generated. The email will contain the source of the lead and the leads information. These emails contain links to help you qualify leads and track your marketing performance. If you find you are getting too many lead emails, we can turn this feature off at your request.

24/7 lead tracking platform

We will provide you with 24/7 access to our lead tracking platform. We will provide you and any members of your team with up to one (1) hour of training via online video conference. 

Monthly report

At the beginning of each month you will receive, via email, a monthly lead report outlining how many unique leads you generated by marketing channel, for the previous month. Optionally, you can request to receive your reports on a weekly basis.

Advisory & Support Terms & Conditions

Dedicated Advisor

You will be assigned a dedicated Advisor. Your Advisor is your point of contact for everything related to our services. Your Advisor is available to assist you any way they can within the scope of our services.

Phone, Email and Video Support

Your Advisor is available to you Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST. excluding holidays via email, phone, and video conference. As part of your monthly service we provide a set number of hours for you to consult with your Advisor and to make updates to your website and/or marketing campaigns. Should you require service beyond the scope of your marketing plan we will advise you in advance that our hourly fee may apply. At your discretion, you can pay for additional service in any given month or wait until the next month when service limits reset.

Monthly Maintenance & Updates

Based on the marketing plan you have selected you will receive up to 3 hours per month, in addition to the monthly deliverables included in your plan. These hours can be used for maintenance and updates related to your website and marketing campaigns.

Monthly Consulting

Every marketing plan includes one (1) hour per month of consulting with your dedicated Advisor. You can use this time to review your marketing performance, discuss marketing strategies, whatever you’d like - as long as it is within the scope of our services. We encourage you to reach out to your Advisor whenever you have questions or need assistance. We won’t charge you if you go over your allotted time once in a while. However, we will let you know that our hourly rate may apply if you need additional time with your Advisor on a regular and more frequent basis.

Strategy Session Terms & Conditions

One strategy session per company

Our strategy sessions are provided free of charge. As such, strategy sessions are limited to one per company. Should you wish to book additional strategy sessions, our hourly rate will apply.