Frequently Asked Questions

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Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our marketing services for Canadian plumbing companies.

Can I use my own web hosting?

While you can technically host your website wherever you'd like, while we manage it on your behalf our hosting is required. We utilize Amazon's cloud infrastructure which is considered one of the leading hosting solutions in the marketplace. So, you'd have a hard time finding a better web hosting company.

How are markets defined?

Markets are defined using Canadian Census Divisions (CD's) according to Statistics Canada census data for 2016. This helps ensure that most markets are large enough to accommodate future growth. Census Divisions with small populations (typically in rural areas) can be combined together to ensure you have a market population large enough to support your business growth.

What is Messaging & Presentation?

Messaging and presentation refers to what you say to consumers and how you say it. Messaging and presentation is the foundation of your marketing. If what you say doesn’t resonate with consumers, nothing else you do will matter. Our Messaging & Presentation part of our strategy helps ensure that you have a clearly defined message and that it’s presented in a professional manner.

What's included in my monthly plan?

The services and scope of work provided is based on the plan you select. Every plan comes with Messaging & Presentation, Search Marketing, Google Ads, Marketing Website, Content, and Tracking & Reporting. Additional solutions provided in our higher tier plans include Facebook Ads, Lead Magnets, and Email Marketing Automation.

What’s included in your digital marketing strategy?

Our digital marketing strategy is designed to provide you with everything you need to generate new leads and customers online. Our Strategy is focused on 6 areas. 1. Messaging & Presentation, 2. Marketing Channels (Search, Social, Advertising), 3. Marketing Website, 4. Content (Lead Magnets, Blog Articles, Social Posts), 5. Email Marketing Automation, and 6. Tracking & Reporting.

Are Google advertising fees included in my monthly plan fee?

No, your advertising budget is separate from our fees. Your advertising costs are paid by you directly to the advertising platform - in this case Google.

Who owns the website?

The website we create for you is yours to keep if you use our service for a minimum of twelve consecutive months. Should you cancel our services prior to the end of the twelfth month, we will retain ownership of the website and may unpublished it at our discretion. We will provide you with a copy of your website content for your records.

Who owns the content?

Any content that you provide or that we produce on your behalf is yours to keep.

Who owns the accounts?

Any accounts you provide to us or that we setup on your behalf are yours to keep. It is up to you to abide by any terms and conditions of third-party accounts, along with any fees they may charge.

Do you require a large upfront investment?

No. While the service we provide costs 10’s of thousands of dollars on it’s own. We have an efficient system for delivering our solutions and amortize the cost over twelve (12) months. But don’t worry, you’re not locked into a twelve month commitment. We only require a three month commitment.

Do you charge any setup fees?

No. We don’t like paying setup fees and don’t believe our customers should have to either. We’ve designed our solutions to be simple, fair and equitable for everyone involved.

Do you require a long-term commitment?

No. Unlike other companies that require a twelve (12) month commitment, we only require a three (3) month commitment. There are not setup fees or large upfront investments.

How often should I upload photos to my GMB listing?

Photos are a great way to market your business and can help improve your exposure online. You should add new photos to your GMB listing at least once per month, but ideally once per week. As a Plumbing & HVAC company, you should get in the habit of taking photos of each job you do. Take before, during, and after photos to show consumers your work. It doesn’t take that much time, and can help improve your online marketing efforts.

What is a CTA and why do I need one?

CTA is short for Call-To-Action. It’s a marketing term used to describe how you get a consumer to take the action you want them too. As a best practice you should have two CTA’s a primary CTA for generating sales, and a secondary CTA for generating leads.

What does above the fold mean?

The term “above the fold” refers to newspapers. Most newspapers come folded in half. Above the fold refers to the section of the paper you see before you unfold it. It’s the most important section of the news paper because it will ultimately determine whether or not someone will pick it up and purchase it.  In terms of a website, above the fold refers to the part of a web page that you see before you have to scroll. Like a news paper, the top section of any web page will determine if someone engages with it.

What is a marketing website?

As a Plumbing & HVAC business, you don’t need any type of website, you need a marketing website. Unlike Publishing websites that are designed to generate revenue through online advertising, or Ecommerce websites that are designed to generate revenue through online sales, a Marketing website is designed to generate leads online and transact sales offline. The design and best practices of a marketing website are different from other types of websites. You need to ensure your website is designed for your type of business.

What if my market overlaps with another market?

In some cases there may be some overlap between markets. This is normal and should be expected due to the way municipalities and cities have defined their boarders. In any case, you can be assured that we are not assisting any of your competitors in the markets you have exclusivity too. Remember, it works both ways. A competitor may overlap in your market, but you overlap in there’s too.