Search Engine Optimization for Canadian plumbing companies

Search Engine Optimization can be complicated. We make it easy. Win more leads and customers so you can grow your plumbing business

Search Engine Optimization for Canadian plumbing businesses

Is search engine optimization (SEO) working for your plumbing business?

Generating new plumbing leads and customers with Search Engine Optimization can be complicated!


Do you have an SEO plan to improve your online visibility and reach more consumers?


Do you have time every week to monitor and update your SEO?


Is your SEO making your money or costing you business?

We make Search Engine Optimization simple!

Our Search Engine Optimization solution was designed specifically for Canadian plumbing companies. It has all the features you want and all the benefits you need.

Monthly Website Audit

We perform a monthly website audit to ensure your website is optimized from an SEO perspective.

On-Site SEO Updates

We update your website on a monthly basis to ensure SEO issues are fixed quickly.

Citation Management

We'll set up citations on appropriate sites and ensure your information is consistent across the web.


We research and select high volume keywords and track their performance to improve your search rankings.


From lead magnets, articles to social posts, we produce and publish content to help consumers find you online.

Google My Business

We'll manage your GMB listing to help improve your local search rankings and reach more consumers.

Google Search Console

We set up / implement a Google Search Console account on your behalf to help improve your search rankings.

Conversion Tracking

We'll track all phone calls and web forms so you will know how your SEO is performing.

Monthly Report

You'll get a summary of your SEO performance in your monthly digital marketing report.

Right now consumers are searching Google for plumbing services. Are they finding you or your competitors?

If consumers can't find your plumbing company on Google, they'll find your competitors. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to improving your visibility on Google, so you can out-compete the competition, reach more consumers and win more customers.

From on-site SEO to off-site SEO, our Search Engine Optimization solution was designed to provide your plumbing company with everything you need to improve your Google search rankings.

Our customers have achieved top rankings in the most competitive marketis in Canada. You can too - get started today!

Search Engine Optimization for Canadian plumbing businesses

The proof is in the results!

Don't take our word for it. See the results our customers have achieved!

E. Vaillancourt Plumbing & Heating Limited
Conversion rate - 62% of website visitors converted into leads Q3 2020
E. Vaillancourt Plumbing & Heating Limited
Increase in total unique leads for Q3 2020 compared to the previous year
E. Vaillancourt Plumbing & Heating Limited
Unique leads (phone calls & web forms) July 2020

Search Engine Optimization for plumbers - as easy as 1, 2, 3

Grow your plumbing business with Search Engine Optimization. Follow the steps below to get started!


Check availability

We only work with one Plumbing & HVAC company per market. Check to see if your market is still available.


Claim your market

Claim the available markets you want - before a competitor does - or get on the waiting list.


Grow your business

We'll take care of the marketing. You take care of the leads and customers.