Google Ads for Canadian plumbing companies

Google Ads can be complicated. We make it easy. Win more leads and customers so you can grow your plumbing business

Google Ads for Canadian plumbing businesses

Is Google Ads working for your plumbing business?

Generating new plumbing leads and customers with Google Ads can be complicated!


Do you have a plan to generate plumbing leads and customers with Google Ads?


Do you have time to manage your Google Ads every week?


Are your Google Ads campaigns making you money or costing you business?

We make Google Ads simple!

Our Google Ads solution was designed specifically for Canadian plumbing companies. It has all the features you want and all the benefits you need.

Account Setup

We'll setup a new Google Ads account or optimize your existing account on your behalf.


We create ad campaigns to help you promote the services you provide, the markets you serve, and the brands you offer.

Ad Groups

Broad ad groups are a waste of money. We create highly targeted ad groups to help you reach the right consumers at the right time.


Broad keywords can be costly. We use keyword match types and negative keywords that align with consumer intentions.


We create a minimum of three ads per Ad Group to help ensure your messaging resonates with consumers.

Ad Extensions

We setup the appropriate ad extensions to help improve the performance of your ads.


We schedule your ads to run only during the hours that make sense for your business.

Location Targeting

We setup your ad campaigns so they target consumers in the geographic locations you serve.

Weekly Optimization

We optimize Google Ads every week to help ensure your campaigns are competitive and profitable.

Conversion Tracking

We'll track all phone calls and web forms so you will know how your Google Ads are performing.

Monthly Report

You'll get a summary of your Google Ads performance in your monthly digital marketing report.

Google Ads for Canadian plumbing businesses

The proof is in the results!

Don't take our word for it. See the results our customers have achieved!

E. Vaillancourt Plumbing & Heating Limited
Increase in total unique leads
E. Vaillancourt Plumbing & Heating Limited
Average cost per unique lead
E. Vaillancourt Plumbing & Heating Limited
Unique monthly leads (phone calls & web forms)